20.10.2018 – 18.11.2018

Echoes of the Past

Giorgos Polyzos’ Replicas of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Preveza is set to host the temporary exhibition “Echoes of the Past” at the Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis, running from Saturday, October 20thto Sunday, November 18th 2018.

This exhibition originally debuted at the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa in 2015 under the auspices of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Thesprotia, with financial support from the General Directorate of Antiquities & Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, as well as the Regional Union of Municipalities of Epirus. The endeavor benefited from contributions by the National Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Resources Fund, and the invaluable assistance of photographers Stefanos & Nikolaos Stournaras and Giorgos Malamidis. Publications from the Telloglion Fine Arts Foundation, the Educational Foundation of the National Bank, Kastaniotis, Papadimas, Kedros, En Plo, and communication support from the online network Archaeology & Arts.

The exhibition unveils a captivating collection of seventeen replicas of ancient Greek musical instruments, masterfully crafted by Giorgos Polyzos between 1984 and 2004. These reconstructions faithfully represent the principal musical instruments dating from the 8th to the 3rd century BC, incorporating three main categories: chordophones, aerophones, and percussion. The lyre and flutes, which played pivotal roles in ancient Greek musical life, are showcased, as are the Homeric phorminx, the guitar, symbolizing Apollo and favored by professional musicians, the barbitοn of the lyric poets, the suspended guitar, the pandura and harp associated with the Muses and their companions, the sweet-melody syrinx of Pan, the resonant salpinx, i.e. the trumpet-like instrument of heralds, the ecstatic hand drum of maenads, rhythmic cymbals, and the crotalum, a kind of castanetused by dancers, as well as the clapperin worship.

The exhibition is complemented by informative material tracing the history, evolution, and characteristics of these musical instruments, offering insights into the role of music in the realms of both mortals and immortals and shedding light on the realities concealed within prevalent myths.

Visitors are welcome to explore this exhibition daily from 09:00 to 15:00, and admission is free.

For additional details, please contact: Georgia Petarouda – Dimitra Papakosta, Archaeologists
Contact Telephone: +30 2682 0 89890
Ε-mail: efapre@culture.gr


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