The museum as a space of learning and entertainment

The museum serves as a hub for both education and leisure, bridging the gap between the past and the present through contemporary means. Its primary objective is to convey archaeological knowledge while making history and culture accessible in an engaging and imaginative manner.

Το μουσείο ως χώρος μάθησης και ψυχαγωγίας

Φέρνοντας το χθες στο σήμερα με σύγχρονα μέσα, το μουσείο στοχεύει στη μετάδοση της αρχαιολογικής πληροφορίας, στην προσέγγιση της ιστορίας και του πολιτισμού με τρόπο ευχάριστο και δημιουργικό.

Educational Programs

Εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα στο μουσείο/Education program at the museum

The museum hosts comprehensive annual educational programs, along with various individual educational activities and workshops featuring artistic and archaeological themes.

These initiatives are integrated into the Ministry of Culture’s anniversary events, with the ultimate goal of allowing participants to interact with the permanent exhibition and, by extension, the history of Nicopolis via enjoyable and educational means.


Educational Resources

Educational resources, available in both print and digital formats, are designed to complement the museum’s diverse educational activities. These materials draw inspiration primarily from the permanent exhibition and Nicopolis’ historical context, as well as from archaeological sites across the wider prefecture of Preveza.

Additionally, a separate category showcases creations by participants thanks to the museum’s educational workshops and competitions.



The museum publishes bilingual archaeological guides under the “Monuments of Nicopolis” series, also available in electronic format. These guides offer virtual tours of individual monuments within Nicopolis and the expansive archaeological site as a whole. Since 2001, eleven bilingual guides have been released, driven by the Nicopolis Scientific Committee’s initiative and under the scholarly supervision of Constantinos Zachos and Eugenia Chalkias.

Bilingual guides are also accessible for other archaeological sites in the Preveza region, including Kassope, Nekromanteion, and Orraon.


Did you know…?

Αναπαράσταση της Βόρειας Νεκρόπολης (Σχ. Φ. Τσακμάκης)

Notably, the museum’s “Did you know…?” program has proven highly popular among the general public. This program presents Nicopolis’ monuments in a straightforward manner, using concise yet visually-rich content, which includes photographs, illustrations, drawings, and artifacts.

It primarily focuses on the interpretation and utilization of these spaces, with the aim of introducing the monuments, emphasizing their significance, and establishing connections with the museum’s permanent exhibition.

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