From the Footsteps of Paul the Apostole to Our Village Church


The educational program, “From the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle to Our Village Church,” delves into the early Christian Basilicas of Nicopolis, tracing the evolution of church architecture from antiquity to the present day.

The program unfolds within the museum’s premises and includes visits to the archaeological site, including the Basilica A (linked to Bishop Dometius).

This program is adaptable, with suitable modifications upon consultation with teachers, to cater to students across all grades of both primary and secondary school.


The primary objective of this educational program is to introduce students first to the early Christian Basilicas of Nicopolis and subsequently to the broader history and evolution of church architecture, spanning up to modern times.

Additionally, the program aims to cultivate students’ observational and collaborative skills while igniting their interest in local history and our cultural heritage as a whole.


The program commences with a guided tour for students inside the Basilica Α of Nicopolis, followed by an exploration of the museum’s permanent exhibition, “The Early Christian City.” The focus is placed on architectural themes related to churches, their mosaic art, and sculptural decorations.

Subsequently, a digital presentation is delivered, with each session tailored to the specific grade level, accommodating individual needs and interests, and in agreement with the teachers. Themes may involve historical aspects, the evolution of church construction, the significance of mosaic floors, and art preservation techniques.

The program culminates in interactive activities and experiential learning, inspired by the Basilicas of Nicopolis and the exhibits within the corresponding museum section. These activities include group memory games, painting, storytelling sessions, and the creation of mosaics using everyday materials.


Program Coordinators: E. Saltagianni, D. Karvelas, Emm. Kleidas
Contact Telephone: +30 26820 89890 or 89882


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