Motionless statuettes


The educational program, Motionless Statuettes, provides an accessible and engaging avenue for students to explore the history of 2nd-century AD Roman Nicopolis. This program utilizes a comic book of the same title and takes place within the museum’s permanent exhibition areas as well as its versatile multipurpose room.

This program is designed for both elementary and high school students.


The primary goal of this program is to familiarize students with the concept and application of polychrome techniques on the surfaces of sculptures through a hands-on exploration of materials displayed in the galleries of the Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis.


The educational program commences with a guided tour and thematic exploration of the museum’s permanent exhibition, with a specific focus on statues and architectural sculptures.

Subsequently, students participate in dynamic and creative movement-based games, complemented by the viewing of relevant audio-visual materials.

The program reaches its culmination in an interactive art workshop, where students are encouraged to experiment with colors and forms. This hands-onexperience enables them to gain a deeper understanding of the use of polychrome in antiquity, inspiring them to create their own artwork from the sculptures on display.


Program Coordinators: Georgia Petarouda, Polixeni Barka
Contact Telephone: +30 26820 89892


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