Primary school students in the 5th and 6th grades

The Mosaic Odyssey


The educational initiative named “The Mosaic Odyssey” offers a captivating and easily comprehensible exploration of the 2nd-century AD Roman Nicopolis. This engaging experience employs a comic book with the same title and unfolds within both the museum’s permanent exhibition spaces and its versatile multipurpose room.

The program is tailored for primary school students in the 5th and 6th grades.


The program aims on the one hand to help students get to know mosaic as an art form and on the other hand to familiarize them with the materials and methods of its construction.

Students learn to work together and at the same time experiment by creating their own mosaic composition either in small groups or individually. Simultaneously, they gain insight into the mosaics of Nicopolis.


During the program, a video presentation introduces students to the history of mosaic art, its various types, and construction techniques. The presentation is narrated by a charming, animated mosaic character. Following this, with the guidance of our museum staff, students have the opportunity to create their own mosaic artwork, which they can take home as a keepsake of their participation in the program.

As part of the program, each participant receives an educational folder, which includes an illustrated brochure, a mosaic-themed puzzle inspired by Nicopolis mosaics, a set of cards, and a bookmark.

You can view the illustrated brochure:


Program Coordinators: Georgia Petarouda, Polixeni Barka
Contact Telephone: +30 26820 89892


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