A journey to the early Christian Nicopolis


The educational program titled “Exploring Early Christian Nicopolis” focuses on the Basilicas, specifically the churches of Early Christian Nicopolis dating from the 5th to the 6th century AD. This program places a strong emphasis on the architectural design and the renowned mosaic floors within these structures.

Activities are conducted both within the museum and on the archaeological site of Nicopolis, including the Basilica A (linked to Bishop Dometius).

This program is open to primary school students ofall grades.


The main objective of this educational program is to introduce students to Early Christian Nicopolis and its places of worship, with a particular focus on the extensively studied Basilicas A and B.

Simultaneously, we aim to cultivate essential skills in students, including observation and cooperation, while fostering feelings of admiration and a deep affection for our historical heritage.


The educational program commences with a thematic exploration of the archaeological site of Nicopolis, with a particular focus on the Basilica A, linked to Bishop Dometius. During this part of the program, students can closely examine various aspects of the church, including its architectural elements and mosaic floors. They can freely explore the premises, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its layout and design.

Following the on-site visit, a guided tour awaits students in the museum’s permanent exhibition, specifically within the section dedicated to Early Christian Nicopolis.

The knowledge acquired during the guided tours serves as a foundation for engaging group activities, which include games, artistic endeavors, and the creation of small mosaics inspired by the mosaic floors of Basilica A.

Note: In cases of inclement weather, the tour is substituted with a digital presentation conducted in the museum’s multipurpose room.


Contact persons: E. Saltagianni, D. Karvelas, Emm. Kleidas
Contact Telephone:+30 26820 89890


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